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South Indian Cheating Case

I just found a story about a woman caught cheating in the name of ‘Multi-Level Marketing’. This story is actually from South India. The woman and her husband (who a was a temple priest) tried to combine Multi-Level Marketing and a soap business. The company was named International Power Marketing and they introduced a scheme of giving 42 soaps to each depositor who paid Rs 499 (I don’t know the value of this). The depositor was required to rope in two other members.

The first member, who was responsible for the addition of two members, would be given a bonus of Rs 250 within 20 days. In another 15 days, an additional amount of Rs 360 would be given. Having a little trouble in the beginning, they decided to reduce the deposites from Rs 499 to Rs 399 and a lot of people started to join.

Then having many joining, they decided to raise the fee to Rs 499 again. Instead of finding new members, deposited money in different names to garner additional deposits.

The company opened six branches and had apx. 15,000 members. The wife have been arrested due to members claiming they have been cheating them. The wife have been in custody for 15 days. The police are still on the lookout for the husband.

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