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Soup – a recipe to nourish your team and culture

I really enjoy reading books, and even though I have a kindle and an iPad mini, I keep buying traditional books. My three most recent reviews have been on:

I highly recommend that you read the reviews if you haven’t already read both books.Today, I want to tell you about a book by Jon Gordon, with a very interesting name; Soup – a recipe to nourish your team and culture.

soup book review

Soup is a book with an amazing story. It was like reading fiction when I read the book. The story is about Nancy, who’ve said yes to the CEO position at Soup, Inc. Sales were declining, and employee moral had never been lower. She had to do something to turn the company around. What happened was Grandma’s Soup House, a small restaurant close by.

At first, the book seemed to be about making and selling soup, but it’s really not. This book can and should be used for any type of company. It’s a book about why we should be focusing on building culture and the importance of relationships in business.

I’ve always said to myself, that I should lead with optimism, and build trust. And, that’s what the story of Soup is about. It’s a book about leadership, and how one person can make a difference. It’s a book about the importance of adding love and passion to your work. And, Soup is a book about how important each individual is as part of the team.

“As pessimism rises, performance decreases. You have to encourage optimism and guard against pessimism, or your team will suffer.”

What I really like about Soup, is that it provides us with the recipe. The story of Nancy and Soup inc., doesn’t end until she’s discovered exactly what to do to turn the company into a highly successful one, and she shares it with us.

The recipe is easy to follow, and it’s something we can all do.

If you’re looking for a method to work with your company culture, I recommend that you read Soup.

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