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Sometimes You Can Get Too Much Traffic (Tools)

It’s kinda obvious that you want to pay as little as possible and get as many tools as possible. That’s how it has always been. You go to the store and you want to buy milk, of course you want the biggest milk carton for as little money as possible. That’s how we are.

But for me, sometimes, I get too much.

Especially when it comes to candy, soda, and of course Internet marketing.

Sometimes you view a sales page and you think, wow, look at all the stuff I get if I join this new program or if I buy this e-book. Sometimes, you should ask yourself; do I really have the time to read all that stuff or use it?

I am not saying anything bad about this next system at all, but look at all the stuff you get when you sign up at Stealth Traffic Tools.

I am not signing up, because this Internet marketing system is only designed for windows – and I am mostly using my Mac, even though I am actually writing this post on my brand new Dell computer.

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