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Sometimes Spam is not Spam or?

I am a member of a great service called Spam Arrest, they totally control my inbox and I am very satisfied with them. I have only been using their service for a few months, but I can really tell the difference. Before I used so much time filtering my e-mails and finding out which ones to mark as junk and which lists to unsubscribe from and so on.

As you can see I am pretty happy about Spam Arrest “controlling” my inbox, so it came as a surprise to me when I received an affiliate commission e-mail from Spam Arrest and it was marked with a warning. And when itīs marked with a warning, the original e-mail from spam arrest is attached.

The e-mail is a standard e-mail telling me that the e-mail I have received (and is currently reading) appears to be forged. And I should only open the attached message if I am certain that it is really from the the person it claims to be from. Am I certain? Is spam arrest who they claim they are?

I did open the attached message and I guessed it. The e-mail was sent from PayPal with my monthly commissions from being an affiliate of Spam Arrest. And every single e-mail sent to me from PayPal with commissions “appears to be forged.” I am not sure why that is. If Spam Arrest is using PayPal themselves, why canīt they do something about this?

Receiving an e-mail like this from Spam Arrest (eventhough it was sent from the PayPal system) with a warning that the e-mail they sent might be forged makes me trust them a little less (well, kind of…). I understand why it happens (because of PayPal), but I donīt understand why they havenīt done something about it.

6 responses to “Sometimes Spam is not Spam or?”

  1. AddMonkey says:

    Facebook is good for birthdays and some people get 1 free gift when signing up, many people did when they implemented the feature recently.

  2. Jens says:

    Oh, I didnÂÂīt know that. I couldnÂÂīt find a free gift when I tried to send one to myo friend. Was it random who got the free gifts?

  3. Adam Snider says:

    As AddMonkey said, you do get one free gift to give when you sign up. And, someone has apparently developed a Facebook plugin that allows you to give free gifts. I haven’t tried it, and I’m not sure how exactly it works, but I’ve seen a few of my friends install it on their accounts.

  4. Terje Pedersen says:

    They also earn money from Polls, Flyers and Sponsored groups.

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