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Sometimes a Seminar is Not Just a Seminar

I have been to several seminars, most of them quite boring. Usually, I try to avoid seminars, but not this time.

I have been looking for a seminar to use for my marketing job at the college – not just a seminar to help me earn money online. It seems that most seminars are either boring, or for people looking for a way to earn a fulltime income online.

Now, I have watched the website for the launch formula marketing seminar, and it seems to be a little different than most other seminars.

There’s just one goal with this seminar though, and that’s how to build your Internet marketing business. The goal is a little different than marketing a college, but there are a few similar traits.

It’s a membership site workshop. A college website is a lot similar to an Internet marketing membership site. We need to provide the best information for our students, we need to keep them interested, we need them to participate, and we need feedback. We need to reach them with the information, we need them to read it, and we need them to love it and be amazed buy it. Sometimes we need to send them vital information for their exams.

The launch formula marketing seminar seems like a rather relevant seminar for me, although I wouldn’t be attending it in order to start an online business (like probably most other people attending the seminar).

The seminar is in England, and that’s not too far away and not too expensive for me (or the college), and the seminar is in May, a great time for travel.

Some of the guys attending are well-known marketers earning a six-figure income, like Robert Puddy. They will, hopefully, share some of their secrets. Secrets that could either help you start a very profitable online business, or help me market a college in Norway.

Take a closer look at The Launch Formula Marketing Seminar.

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