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Sometimes a Product Sells itselft

I am still in Riga (Latvia), and yesterday some of my colleagues and I went to a Mexican restaurant. The restaurant was ok, but that’s not the reason why I am writing this.

While we were talking and waiting for our drinks to arrive at the table, I looked over to a table not too far away. There was a woman in her fifties (probably), working with her Macbook Air while she was drinking something and waiting for her food.

It looked awesome, and I am not talking about the woman at all (I am not sure if I even noticed how she looked).

The Macbook Air is a very cool computer and the design has to be the coolest design for a laptop ever. So, when this woman was working, people notice. At least I did, and my colleagues were also commenting on it and they are not people even the slightest interested in computers.

The design of the Macbook Air is something people of all ages notice, because it’s unbelieavably thin and the aluminum case is perfect for it. And I noticed while she was working that the Apple logo was very easy to spot on the back, I am not sure if it’s any bigger than on the other laptops, but it was so bright and shiny.

Sometimes a product sells itself, it’s enough that a few people buys the Macbook Air and start using it in public.

This is a computer you should buy if you want people to notice you, if you want to be left alone at a restaurant, then you should not consider buying it (LOL).

So, what I am really saying here, is that sometimes, putting the marketing in the product should be considered. Because then, and maybe only then, the product will sell itself (after a few people have already bought it or some people have used it and started writing reviews).

I am not just talking about design, even though design is very easy to notice. I am talking about being remarkable in some way, just like the Purple Cow Seth Godin is writing about. If you are remarkable (in any way positive), people will spread the word, and you don’t have to do all the marketing efforts (because it’s already inside the product).

Just think about the iPhone for a second. It’s really not about the design, because I can probably tell you at least 10 other phones that are better looking. But it’s about the way you use the phone, and how cool the phone is, and of course it’s about all the applications. The camera is not anything to talk about. I have tested it, and my old phone took way better pictures – but that’s not why I bought it.

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