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Something New is Happening

I have been thinking about the future of slymarketing (this blog) for a while, and today, walking to work, I think I discovered the path that I am going to follow. But first, a few words about this weekend.

I have also been thinking about upgrading my blog from wordpress 2.3.3 to the latest version which is 2.5.1. The last time I did an upgrade, I had to work for several hours, due to some technical issues I didn’t quite understand. And this is why I have been thinking about the upgrade for so long. I have been considering the pro’s and the con’s for the upgrade, and right now I think that the security issue is probably why I am going to do the upgrade. It will hopefully happen tomorrow (saturday), depending on the weather of course. If it’s hot and sunny, then I’ll probably be at the beach. But hopefully, I’ll get started doing the upgrade before my family wakes up and I’ll be finished by breakfast (LOL).

I’m also going to be on vacation for about 3 weeks, and depending on the weather, I am not sure if there will be much blogging from me. We are going camping. It’s not that far away from our house, but we’ll have no electricity for 3 weeks and if the weather is ok, then I’ll probably not be home or anywhere close to electricity during the three weeks.

Now, to the important part of this post.

I have given this a lot of thought, but I haven’t really made my decision just yet, even though I am really close to one.

I have just been sort of promoted (not really a promotion though) to head of marketing at the college where I work. When I say head of marketing, it’s more like that I am going to be the guy that will be co-ordinating all the marketing, a person who will develop new ideas and talk to people at the college about them before we launch them. It’s complicated, but that’s my point of writing this.

I think that I should concentrate my blog (yes, this one) to reflect my thoughts when it comes to the work I will be doing at the college. It will still be about marketing, yes, it will be all about marketing. But it will be related to promoting the college and thoughts about marketing in general, and not so much about “work from home” or affiliate programs and affiliate marketing. And yes, it will still be almost 100% about Internet marketing.

The number 1 reason for me thinking about the new focus, is that I don’t have much time on my hands. With this new marketing job, I will have to spend a lot more time doing that, and much less time doing everything else. Or maybe I just have to spend a lot more time doing everything, I really don’t know yet. I will be sort of starting this marketing thing from August 4th, that’s my first day at work after my 3 week vacation.

I guess that I have a few weeks to sort out my thoughts.

At the moment I am thinking that this blog will be a lot more fun to read if I can share my ideas about how I am going to market the college; what works and the stories of all the failures. At the same time, I will give you advice about new marketing ideas… at the same time I will spend less time writing about stuff that the rest of the blogosphere are writing about.

If I do this, slymarketing might get a fairly unique touch, don’t you think?

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