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Solving Marketing Frustration

Sure, it happens to all of us. We get frustrated. Business, marketing, it can be difficult.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who are not making as much money as they thought they would, they’re not getting as much attention as they’d like, and they’re not making money as fast as they were hoping for. They’re frustated.

When people get frustrated, they give up. They stop what they’re doing, and start all over again with something completely different.

Sometimes that might be the right thing to do. But, if you ask me, not before you complete the five tips below.

Before I tell you my five tips, let me just say that one of the smartest moves I have ever made when it comes to marketing (and the most important tip), was to join the Third Tribe (aff. link). This way I got myself a lot of mentors, and they’re some of the most brilliant people in the world when it comes to marketing.

Now, let me tell you about the five tips to overcome the frustration with your marketing strategy.

1. Pause

The first step is to stop what you’re doing, and take a break. It’s a like when you’re watching a movie and you need to go to the bathroom. Pause it, go to the bathroom, and come back when you’re ready to watch.

When you take a break you can look at the situation from a different angle (and with an open mind).

You need to get unattached.

Get some exercise every day, start walking or jogging. It really helps. Taking breaks on a regular basis (daily) helps to revitalize.

2. No more worst case scenario

Focus on the results you want to achieve, and stop to think about the worst case scenario. Always keep your vision in mind, even when you don’t see any progress. Think positive.

3. One goal

Have one goal, and start focusing on this goal alone. A lot of people I know set different goals, and they focus on all of them at once. Don’t. Instead, focus all of your energy on this one goal.

4. Get a mentor

This is why the Third Tribe (aff. link) is so important. When you have a coach, a mentor or a group of people around you, you’ll be able to push through the hard times. When you’re surrounded with brilliant people they’ll help and motivate you.

5. Use a different method

You might have to accept that you have to use a different method to reach your goal. At some point you might want to try and go a different direction. You shouldn’t always follow your strategy, sometimes your plan isn’t working.

Let me ask you this. How do you handle frustration when it comes to marketing?

Image: Mary Gaston

6 responses to “Solving Marketing Frustration”

  1. Sam H. says:

    Really when you are frustrated in some kind of work you should take a pause, though you try not to think about your work in pause period all the same in your subconsciousness you will continue to think about it and it is possible you will get new and good ideas for your business.

  2. Hey Sam,

    Thanks a lot for your comment. What works best for me is the pause as well.

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