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A Software To Help Your Creativity

I have just bought a software called WriteRoom after I have been testing it for free for 30 days.

What is WriteRoom all about?

It’s a software for writing only, and it’s nothing like MS Word or other fancy word processors, or even most text editors. It’s all about distraction free writing. Actually, it’s rather hard to imagine what it’s about if you haven’t tried it yourself.

Before I tried it, I didn’t think a software like this existed. Now, it’s only me and my text, and I am not thinking about all the other distractions on the screen (like e-mail, surfing, chatting and Facebook or whatever else that usually comes to my mind when I see all the various icons).

What can it help you do?

Actually, it’s nothing more than notepad. Well, it might have a few extra features, but think of it as your text, not about the features it might have. Because the features, except for one, is not why you want to try (and buy) this software.

The secret is the distraction free writing. And the programmer behind WriteRoom (yes, one guy developed this amazing software, his name is Jesse Grosjean by the way), accomplished this by making it posible to do full screen writing.

A black screen with green text (you can chose the colors yourself – but I highly recommend using the standard options), is all you get. At first glanse it might look a little pre-historic, like what you’d expect from DOS (an operative system before Windows). But when you try it for a few minutes, or a few seconds in my case, I expect you to be amazed.

Will it really help you be more creative?

Because think about it, when you write, it’s not about the features really, it’s all about the text and the words you use. And there’s no better way to be able to focus on your words other than using a software like WriteRoom.

I believe that using this software will help boost my creativity to a whole new level. Now, I feel less stress, and I am watching the text more closely. In a way it’s more comfortable to write, and I am looking forward to get started (or continue) writing.

Now, there is only one problem with WriteRoom and that’s the fact that it only works for Mac. There is no version for windows, and I am not sure if there ever will be.

But I have found one similar software for Windows, and that’s the JDarkRoom. It’s completely free and it seems to have some of the same features as WriteRoom.

Take a look at WriteRoom today, and tell me what you think – will it help you be more creative?

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