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Social Metrics Pro – More Traffic From Social Media

This post is about what you should do to improve website traffic. But, first, I want to start this post by asking you a question. It’s a question that’s been on my mind for a long time, and the reason I am asking you the question now, is because I have started to use social metrics pro

The question is this; should we be more like scientists when we use social media for marketing purposes? I know that the purpose of social media is to be social. But there’s more to it, especially if we focus on marketing.

I really like statistics, and now, because I’ve installed the plugin, I get a detailed overview of how every single post I have published are doing on various social media sites.

Social metrics pro explained

The features of social metrics pro are not that advanced, what I get is a great overview of each post I have ever published on my blog, and I see exactly how many likes, retweets, +1, etc. the post has received.

social metrics pro

I can filter the posts in social metrics pro to show only posts in a specific category, or in a specific month, or based on the lowest amount of likes on Facebook, or the most likes. There are many different types of filters to find the posts I’m looking for.

There are two things you need to know about social metrics pro, and that it shows the statistics, and that it shows one of three colors on each of the numbers. Posts with highest number of shares are green. Posts with low social media activity show up amber and red. What it’s all about is to turn the reds to greens.

Why you should track social signals with social metrics pro

I have read a lot about search engine optimizationΒ lately, and from what I’ve read it seems that social shares are becoming more important than ever before. If you are trying to become number one at Google, you need to get a lot of shares on the various social networks.

Social metrics pro reminds me of Excel, and supports social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg and LinkedIn. You can track all the social shares in all the different networks, it’s easy to see what posts are doing the best and what posts you need to keep promoting.

You can export all the data to Excel (or csv-format and tab-delimited) for further analysis. This way it’s even easier to find out which posts are doing the best, especially if you have published hundreds of posts.

Social metrics pro turns social media marketing into science

The social metrics pro plugin turns social media marketing into science. We will still need to be a human being when we’re on Facebook or Twitter, but now, by using social metrics pro, we’re able to track all the various shares, and with a few clicks we can re-share all the posts with low social media activity. And, even more important, we can find out which posts have a low social media activity, and find a pattern. This way by using social metrics pro we can not only re-share the posts with low social media activity, but we can understand what type of posts that are performing great, and keep focusing on what works.

56 responses to “Social Metrics Pro – More Traffic From Social Media”

  1. I have been using the Social Metrics plugin for the last couple months as well (although I didn’t spring for the Pro version). I see it as another source of feedback on my content. We talk about conversation or relationship all the time in social media, but we don’t have the same level of feedback that we get when we talk to someone face to face.

    For me, it doesn’t make it a science, it adds a source of feedback that helps to fill in a bit of that gap. It is one more way to see what topics and headlines are well received.

    • Hi Eric,

      I have only been using it for a few days, but I love the feedback I’m getting from it. Like you said, it helps a lot to understand the topics and headlines that become popular. But, I also feel that it makes marketing in social media more like science. We see patterns, and we can analyse what we’ve been doing, and just copy it (the content and behavior). And if things are not going great, we can re-share it.

      Thanks a lot for the comment Eric. I hope you’re having a great day.

  2. Social media sites are a very cost-effective marketing option to reach a broad base of new prospects. You can take advantage of the fact that they have millions of users online and they are free.

  3. Sounds wonderful Jens!

    I’ve never heard about Social Metrics earlier, but it sure seems like a nice plugin to know all about how your posts have done on the social medias. Yes, we do get some information through Google Analytics and the buttons on each post, but you can’t really get it all together at one place.

    I also like the feature of having different colors, which makes it easy to understand things just at one glance. I guess you would then be able to concentrate more of similar kind of posts and know really where you are getting most of your traffic from.

    Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Harleena,

      I have also been looking at the buttons at the bottom of each post to see how my content is doing when it comes to social signals, and I have tried to combine it with Google Analytics (and Clicky), but it’s been really hard to understand the details. I see how my blog is doing, and I can also see many of my posts (the really popular ones), but I don’t see everything. Now, with the overview and the filters from Social Metrics Pro I see every single post, and every single social media site I am using and it’s so easy to understand the social signals (red, yellow and green) πŸ™‚

  4. peterraimi says:

    Hi, this article is very new thing contains. I never heard and saw like this kind of articles on social metrics. This concept gives a detail clarity on social media, like how it works, how its scaling. Really am very thankful to share this innovative post

  5. Nawaz says:

    Social Media Services are very important for online business. From 2011 Google and Bing has considered links from twitter and Facebook for ranking of a site under particular keyword.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Hi Jens, This looks very interesting. I am also analyzing my stats from GA and Clicky, but I like with this plugin how you can analyze your information according to category and look at the colors of the posts as well.

    What are the differences between the regular and the pro versions of the plugin? I don’t mind paying for pro versions if they have added features that I could use.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I hadn’t heard of Social Metrics before and now I definitely want to check it out!

    • Carolyn says:

      Jens, I went ahead and bought this through your site. I figured that it was helpful to you so I wanted to see my stats too. Thanks so much for letting me know about it! This information is absolutely fascinating. I also downloaded the Social Popularity widget. That’s another great plugin.

      Thanks, Jens!

      • That’s awesome Carolyn. I didn’t have the time to answer your question, I didn’t see it until now πŸ™‚

        On the other hand, I had no idea that it was a free version of the plugin until now. But, I’m very satisfied with the pro version. I have no idea what the difference between the two versions are. It might be that with the pro version you get the social signals for all your posts, and I would guess that the free version only have a specific amount, but that would be guessing πŸ™‚

        Thank you so much for the support. I really enjoy the plugin, it’s very powerful stats, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as me.

        • Carolyn says:

          Thanks, Jens, the plugin is very reasonably prices so I just went ahead and got it. The stats are extremely interesting. I keep looking at them to analyze which posts were the most popular on which sites. Thanks so much for letting us know about this, Jens!

  7. joy says:

    Hi Jens! This is the first time I’ve heard of this plugin but it sure looks powerful enough to generate leads. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Joy,

      The plugin is awesome, and I have been using it every single day to keep track of the social signals. It’s so easy to get a full overview of what’s happening on social media, and this way it’s also fairly easy to improve.

  8. Kristine says:

    Hello Jens! Thanks for the informative share, being able to gauge my progress in leveraging social networking platforms would definitely be beneficial in targeting specific areas that I urgently need to work on.

  9. Ruth Zive says:

    I see another use, as a marketer. More and more my clients want concrete metrics related to their blogging strategy and social media campaigns. And this looks more robust than GA or Clicky in delivering information specific along those lines. Definitely going to check it out!

  10. Adri says:

    That sounds really interesting… I haven’t known that social media signals also can be tracked… This possibility has got so many ways to use!

  11. Jens – That seems like an interesting analytics tool there. I did take a look at the features and feel like i could use it. Will however, get into more details soon.

    Right now, as most others, am just using the google analytics to get most of my stats and to compare how each post is performing against others. It does give me enough to work upon i should say.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Praveen,

      I have been using GA and Clicky to track all the social signals as well. But it took a lot of time, and the stats didn’t give me as much details as I was looking for, so when I discovered social metrics pro I just had to buy it. Now, I get a full overview of every single detail I was looking for and then some πŸ™‚

  12. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    I think that we should approach SM as scientists, but we should be cautious enough to not be obsessed by the numbers.

    It matters to an extent though. Like you mentioned, Jens, the plugin will help us to find patterns and see what our community really likes (and allows us to write more on those topics).

    We could also identify the topics that aren’t welcomed by our community (and try to make them more interesting – experimenting!).

    I see that you have also got the fancy author bio plugin πŸ˜‰ Looks cool πŸ˜€

    BTW, have you tried Presstrends yet, Jens?

    The new version of the plugin allows us to do some research (based on our goals) on how things are working in our blog.

    • I agree with you Jeevan. I have been looking at my stats, and it’s so much easier to see what I should be doing. I have identified several topics that works great for me, and several topics that I shouldn’t write that much about πŸ™‚

      I am testing the fancy author plugin, and so far I like it. But I am also thinking of having a subscription form instead. I’ll keep testing it for a few weeks to see the results.

      I have actually never heard of Presstrends, I’ll Google it to take a look. Thank you for the tip πŸ™‚

  13. Ben says:

    Hi Jens πŸ™‚ I’m glad you’re enjoying the plugin. I’m also really happy with it, and like you, I really like stats πŸ˜€

    Seeing if a post has done particularly well is extremely beneficial for me. I’m noticing when I break my all-time top tweet stats. I’m a long way behind you, but I’m doing better than I’ve done before πŸ˜€

    • I haven’t been doing a lot of research with the stats just yet, but I have been looking at them and it’s fairly easy to see what type of content that spreads and what type of content people don’t like as much. It’s an awesome plugin that my clients will have a lot of benefit from.

      Thanks a lot for reminding me to buy it πŸ™‚

  14. Stacey says:

    In the online businesses today, social media services is very important. For particular keywords, a lot of search engines consider social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook.

  15. Veronica says:

    What a nifty tool! I’ve always thought that it’s impossible to track the progress of my online marketing campaign on Facebook accurately so this came as a big surprise. Many thanks!

    • I had no idea that it was so easy to track social signals until I discovered Social metrics pro. And this plugin is something my clients have been “dying” to get, most companies loves to get statistics and measure “success” πŸ™‚

  16. Sergio Felix says:

    Hey Jens, I’ve never heard of social metrics pro before but it definitely looks like a VERY useful service man.

    I believe this app + Clicky could be an awesome combination to have for tracking analytics overall.

    Google Analytics always keeps improving but I’m still not that comfortable with them making changes all the time to the GUI, I just don’t have the time to keep up with them.


    • Hey Sergio,

      Sorry for the late reply. I have been watching my updates once every single day now, and I love to see the stats πŸ™‚

      By the way, have you seen the latest updates to Clicky with heatmaps. Awesome.

  17. Mys Palmer says:

    Jens, I noticed when tweeting your post you don’t have the shortened url. When you’re tracking your social stats o you find unique links for different social sharing to be useful? I mean since you like the metrics and all that good stuff I thought I’d seek your opinion. Anyway, thanks for the info!

    I think we need to strike a balance. I’m no good at doing all one and not the other. It throws me off and I feel incomplete!

    • Sorry for the late reply. I use short urls once in a while to measure things I test. But, most of the time I just use the integrated stats in HootSuite. From the blog, I rely on Social metrics pro to do the job for me. I probably should do a lot more to get better statistics, but right now, that’s what I’ve been doing.

  18. Kelly says:

    Thanks for this comprehensive review. It’s true that in order for us to rank higher on Google, we must do our own share of leveraging various social networking platforms.

  19. Ana says:

    It does sound interesting; however, I wonder how server-intensive this plugin is, Jens. Any idea?

  20. Virag says:

    This one seems to be a really nice tool for indexing your social media traffic, I think I1m going to give it a try, I totally feel assured by this nice review! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hi Virag,

      You should try it. I am sure you’ll be satisfied. And there’s a 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much for the feedback. And let me know if you have any questions.

  21. Dipa says:

    Thanks for this post on Social metrics Pro plugin-you are right-it indeed looks like Google spreadsheet or excel! Now everyone can get their stats of social media and make changes where required. Will definitely forward this post to my employers who extensively use social media for promotions etc. Thanks again!

  22. Calra says:

    Generating leads is an aspect of blogging that we are often concerned about so thanks for sharing this tool. I am always after concrete metrics that can give me an overview of how I’m performing. Thanks for the salutary share.

  23. This looks effective especially that it tells you where to focus in order to improve your website. It is easy to use and it makes marketing or promotions easier to do.

  24. Sandra says:

    Online marketers’ top concern is traffic as from there, we can get conversions. This article shows us various ways on how we can acquire good quality traffic with Social Metrics Pro. Thumbs up to the author for this very informative article.

  25. Garen says:

    Wow this is a neat plugin. I actually installed it on my site right after reading this. Pretty cool might upgrade to the fully featured version. I do like the seomoz social integration stuff, along with klout to see how I am doing on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus 1.

  26. James says:

    Thanks for the great post about tracking social media. I’ve never really thought about tracking my social media with software like this. I know social media is important but I really haven’t got into it enough and really built out my social profiles.

    If I was to stick with it and constantly update them and then track the progress of my social media profiles I am sure I would generate a ton more traffic to my blog and therefore more revenue online.

    Thanks for sharing this information. It’s given me the motivation to work harder on social media and track it.

  27. Elaine Salt says:

    The best gain provided by this monitoring plugin is that this essential tool is easy and simple to use. Its features have made it uncomplicated for a newbie in internet marketing to utilize this program and take full advantage of its function to determine network site reputation of his website.

  28. jeniffer says:

    I love to read your post. Its really helpful and easy to increasing traffic your site.
    Thanks for the sharing.

  29. Silik says:

    Hi Jens
    I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you for the info on Social Metrics Pro I didn’t realise that social media signals could also be tracked. I was using the Social Stats plugin but this is some much better. All I need to do now is turn the reds to green ;).
    Thanks again!

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