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Social media policy – 3 things you must include

I want this to be a conversation. I’ll start it by adding the 3 things you must include in a social media policy for your business. I’ll end by asking you about your thoughts and if you have anything to add. Sounds good?

Let’s get started.

First, you might consider hiring a social media manager to create structure and a schedule for your content. At the same time, you want “all” of your co-workers to be part of the content creation team. I’m not saying that they need to create and publish the content, but you want them to help you find the content, and you want them to help share it.

What’s a social media policy?

A social media policy is a set of guidelines for the employees who are publishing content on social media as part of their job or as part of their personal life. It’s also a set of guidelines for the employees to understand what the business is doing on social media.

It seems that few businesses have a social media policy. I’m not sure why. Either, they’re not aware of what’s happening in social media, or they don’t think that it’s necessary. Either way, everything we do is connected to who we are (and our job and the business we represent). This is exactly why a social media policy is very important for any business.

A social media policy should not just include what you expect of your employees, but it’s also part of building your business culture. You need to explain why you are using social media, and that brings us to the first set of guidelines.

#1 The purpose of social media

Why are your business using social media? You’ll need to explain this, and not just the main reason (that might be to increase profit), but also why you are using the different networks. Why are your business publishing content on:

There’s a different strategy for each one and a different reason why you are using each of the social media networks. Explain it. This way your co-workers and/or employees will understand the reason why you are doing it, and they’ll understand the guidelines better.

#2 Be authentic

You need to be true to who you are. You shouldn’t be any different on social media. It should be the same for your personal profile and your business profile. What you do on social media should reflect who you really are.

If you are a customer-centric organization, your social media content should be about the customers.

Don’t pretend to be anything other than who you really are.

#3 Bring value

You should always strive to bring value and publish content that’ll either educate, inform or entertain your followers. The value you bring should inspire change and it should help you build strong relations.

Ask yourself; what’s the value for my followers?

What more do you need in a social media policy?

It’s your turn. I’ve added 3 things you must include in a social media policy; purpose, authenticity and value.

Do you agree with me, and what more do we need in a social media policy?

Let’s turn this conversation into something worth remembering.

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