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My favorite social media editorial calendar

You should schedule your blog posts. It’ll make you feel that you’re in control. Being in control is not just a great feeling, you’ll actually be one step ahead. And, in the end, I believe you’ll be writing better blog posts by scheduling your content.

That’s exactly the same feeling I get when I get up early in the morning, and start planning my day; working when most people are sleeping.

I tell myself to never stop writing. I start my day by writing morning pages. I don’t publish everything I write, but after I started using a social media editorial calendar, I am publishing more of the content I’m writing.

I schedule content for two weeks.  I do it by using a social media editorial calendar that integrates with WordPress. My favorite social media editorial calendar is CoSchedule.

CoSchedule is my favorite social media editorial calendar

I am using CoSchedule as my social media editorial calendar. This is how I schedule all my blog posts, and it’s how I schedule all the posts I’ll publish to social media.

It’s a drag and drop editorial calendar with a beautiful design.

CoSchedule calendar beautiful design

The three reasons  why I was looking for a social media editorial calendar, was;

I have installed the CoSchedule wordpress plugin, this means that I can see and use the social media editorial calendar inside wordpress. I save a lot of time using CoSchedule as my all-in-one publishing solution. Everything I need is in one place.

social media editorial calendar top posts

As soon as I’ve finished writing my blog post, I schedule the post and all the messages/links I’ll be sending to the various social media networks. I especially like the dashboard and the statistics, displaying all the posts and the results from the sharing and the likes in social media.

A video of the features

I highly recommend CoSchedule as your social media editorial calendar. You’ll be able to automate social publishing, and it works perfect with WordPress.

Watch this video to see a short description of many of the features:

I have been using CoSchedule for just one of my blogs, but I’ll be using it for more blogs fairly soon.

Automate and work with teams

I am a solo blogger, and I have never tried to work with a team using CoSchedule. I can only imagine what it would be like. But, I have seen some of the features and I am using them. I’m writing comments to my posts and I am adding tasks, even though I am all alone. Like I said, I can only imagine what it would be like to work with a team using all the tools inside this social media editorial calendar.

social media editorial calendar - coschedule

The one feature that I keep using daily is to automate my social messages, linking to my blog content. The calendar shows all the social messages and all the blog posts. And, inside each blog posts, I have 100% control of all the social messages linking to the post.

5 responses to “My favorite social media editorial calendar”

  1. Hi Jens,

    Yes indeed, I know you love CoSchedule as I think you wrote about it earlier too, and perhaps it was on your post that I learnt about this wonderful editorial calender 🙂

    Honestly speaking, I’ve never ever tried any of these calenders, never felt the need as I’m quite disciplined in doing things in time and as per schedule, but I do wish to try this one out, perhaps over the weekend. I like the video describing it all as well.

    Thanks for sharing this one with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      Yes, I believe I wrote a short post about it when I first started using it. I’m not very structured when it comes to writing posts or publishing content to social media. I need a plan. That’s exactly why CoSchedule works great for me.

      Do you write down everything you’re doing when it comes to the posts you’ll be writing and what you’ll be publishing in social media?

      • I can understand what you mean Jens, and it happens at times, especially nowadays when I have the ABC (Aha!NOW Blog Community) to take care of too! My post schedule goes haywire at times, but I know it’s a temporary phase and I am working on streamlining the forum community in a few days now.

        My post schedules are usually fixed to twice a week, and then we have guest posts too, so it works fine at this pace. The time for social media updates also I have fixed now, so it’s just going there, updating, checking a little, and running away, or else you get stuck 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this review of CoSchedule! It sounds like you are doing great!

    Thanks for using CoSchedule!

    Nicole Johnson
    CoSchedule Community Manager

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