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Soaring4Traffic is a new Traffic Exchange

I have just joined a brand new traffic exchange called Soaring 4 Traffic. I am not sure when it launched, but I don´t that it can be that many days ago. I signed up as number 240 (if the number in my affiliate url is based on how many members they have). As I am writing this, I have only surfed about 10 pages and everything was working.

I really like the site design and the surfing experience was great. Their promotional material was awesome, they have many prewritten ads, some really cool banners (just look at the one below) and some very nice splash pages. Just look at the three splash pages here:

Splash page 1
Splash page 2
Splash page 3

It looks like this one can be here for a while. It looks very professional and it was recommended by Mr. Traffic Exchange himself… aka Jon Olson. Soaring 4 Traffic is completely free to join, but you can also upgrade. Like most membershipsites today (or at least so it seems), you will be presented by a one time offer, where you can get a cheaper subscription and you can get quite a few e-books as well. I am a free member and will be testing the traffic exchange for a few weeks. - Swoop Down and Seize Your Success!

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