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So You Want Your Own Online Business

A lot of people are asking me about how they can earn money online.

To me, it seems that most people are using two criterias for their online adventure.

It should be:

* Cheap or completely free
* Little work or no work at all

Whenever I see criterias like this, I have to ask myself if this is even possible?

I know of many online business opportunities that’s suppose to be little work, and some that even requires no work. To me, it has always been about work, and I believe that it always will be. It’s possible to automate many features, but never all of them. Some online businesses require more work than others, but all require more than little work.

Usually, if something requires close to no work (at least from what they say), it’s not cheap or completely free. If the business promotes little or no work, that means that the business will most likely be fairly expensive.

Several business opportunities are turnkey businesses or businesses in a box (there are several different names for this). When you join, you get a complete business, including products, websites and promotional material. You’ll get everything you need for your own business, well, except for one thing.

You won’t get customers.

It’s almost like starting a top notch restaurant somewhere in a forrest, where there’s no people at all. Just you and your chef, and your fancy restaurant. If there’s no people passing by, how will they find your restaurant? It doesn’t matter if you serve the best food in the whole world, if they can’t find your restaurant.

My point is this, even though you pay $497 for a turnkey business, where you get “everything” created for you, you won’t get the customers. You’ll never, at least to my experience, get customers handed to you. That’s why you’ll have to work your ass off to get them.

Finally. Let me just tell you about two of the turnkey businesses that I have heard a lot about lately. I have no clue whatsoever if they’re worth joining. They might be, but I don’t know. They both have a price tag of $497.

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