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Smoking Can Seriously Damage Your Health

One of the hardest things for ad agencies are probably to create advertisements for serious issues, especially things that kill you.

As a marketer, you want people to listen to you, you want them to understand how serious the issue really is. For instance, I wrote about how to stop people from killing themselves (an advertisement for why people should use seat belts). The advertisement was awesome, and although I don’t know the effects of the campaign, I believe that it was one of the most effective ads to get people to use seat belts. It’s because it was easy to understand what happened, and it’s about embracing life and all about emotions. They’re not using shock as a tactic.

If you can create a funny advertisement for a serious issue like why people should quit smoking, you’re good. The interesting thing about smoking is that most people already know why they should quit, they just don’t.

You don’t have to use shock as a tactic, and you don’t have to use all the detailed information about what happens to you if you continue smoking. Make it different and funny.

Here are three advertisements that I think deserves another look:

The balcony

Bad day to quit smoking

Women feel safe with men who smoke

Do you know other funny commercials? If you do, add a link to your comment or contact me and I might publish it next weekend.

5 responses to “Smoking Can Seriously Damage Your Health”

  1. diätplan says:

    It’s in reality a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Crescent says:

    Little known facts about smoking:

    1. Within 3 months of you quitting smoking the risk for heart disease you got while using tobacco will actually completely go away.
    2. You’ll never recover the scarred lung tissue you got while smoking
    3. You’ll never completely lose the spiked risk of cancer you got while smoking
    4. Smoking can cause impotence that no amount of viagra will ever cure.

    and people still do it…

  3. Jessica says:

    First video is the best quit smoking campaign! With their style nowadays, they’re using a picture of lung cancer which is gross and not convincing (for me) Why don’t they make something that will positive motivation of quitting smoking..

  4. IlanC says:

    My dear grandfather (RIP) told me when I was a child: “My dear, if you will be a smoker once, and you want to quit it, wait for the first time you will be sick. You will see, that you won’t need cigarette. And after, when you will be better, never light a cigarette again. For me it worked.” I don’t know if it was true, because I never became a smoker. 🙂

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