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Small is the New Big

I have contacted Seth Godin and asked him if we can use “Small is the New Big” as the slogan for next years marketing campaign for our college, and guess what?

Seth Godin told me it was ok!

I’ll tell you why I think we should be using it.

It’s perfect for us.

Because we are fairly small, our students are having a blast. It’s easier to make friends, it’s easier to talk to professors, it’s easier to get guidance and counseling. Everything seems to be easier.

Because we are fairly small, it’s easier to become personal. Students are friends with teachers, teachers are friends with students. We are all helping each other. We can do that, because we are small.

We have a lot more flexibility than big colleges and universities. It’s fairly easy to turn everything around and put all our money at a completely different marketing campaign, if we wanted to.

It’s not like we have to spend six months to decide what we are going to do next year, we can adjust pretty easy.

Small is the New Big is a great slogan, it makes being creative easy, just look at the cover of Seth’s book.

… and we are going to design T-shirts for our students, and think of all the amazing stuff we can do with a slogan like that on the T-shirts.

But as Seth Godin, I believe that… Small is the new big only when the person running the small thinks big.

I am not sure if we are ready, but we better be!

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