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Slash My Search

A few days ago I received information about an interesting way to earn money without too much effort. Well, you might not earn a lot of money if you don’t refer people to it, but you can earn a bit without doing anything other than what you are doing already.

I am talking about SlashMySearch, it’s a search engine and you get paid to use it. I haven’t explored all the options yet, but I have it as my start page and from the stats, I see that my income is increasing as I am using it.

How good is it? Well, I have no idea really. I have not heard anywhere that this is some sort of scam, but I have not read that many reviews either other than from affiliates, and we all know that you can’t trust an affiliate to tell the truth 🙂

Anyway, be sure to check it out and see for yourself. I have been using SlashMySearch for a few days as my search engine and it seems to be working ok, but will it be working to increase my income as well?

2 responses to “Slash My Search”

  1. Jens says:

    Thank you, I actually missed the date 🙂

  2. Jonathan says:

    Yeah, I don’t know what to think. I guess we’ll see tomorrow!!

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