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Simplified Duplication in PreLaunch

I got back home yesterday after about five days in Dublin Ireland. I had a great time in a very beautiful and fascinating city. I spent a little while going through my inbox earlier today and found something interesting. It was an e-mail from Devon Brown, and the e-mail was about his new system. It´s actually in prelaunch, that´s how new it is.

The system is called Simplified Duplication and according to the website it is “the secret to building a huge downline on autopilot”. I don´t know what this is all about yet, but it seems to be a system for people involved in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and a system that should help members of various companies to build their downline.

I am not sure if you can earn an income with Simplified Duplication alone, or if it´s more like a support system for various MLM companies or not. It might be a system where you can earn money by referring others to it and the system will also help you grow your downline for your current MLM business.

This is all speculations from me, visit the website and read about Simplified Duplication yourself. So far there´s no affiliate option, but you can join the list and be notified when they launch.

6 responses to “Simplified Duplication in PreLaunch”

  1. contentmuse says:

    Hey up Jens,

    I think the marketing catalog is a great idea. It will be a useful resource to refer to and being a member at mybloglog will help you kick things off.

    Much luck

  2. Dawud Miracle says:

    Not horrible. In better developing its look and layout, rank all the page elements from most important to least important. This can help you see clearly what needs prime screen space. And, as always, try to get in the minds of your site’s users to create a layou that they will find easy to use. Remember, your website isn’t for you, it’s for your audience.

  3. Jens says:

    Not horrible, well thank you 🙂

  4. Tim Linden says:

    Two things you’ll need to work hard at if you ever expect to make mass money from it. 1) Don’t require setting up an account [at least for people who are willing to pay] 2) Get at least 6PR [people won’t pay if it has no benefit]

  5. Jens says:

    Thanks Time, but what do you mean by don’t require setting up an account?

    Do you mean that visitors should be allowed to just submit their information. If so, how could they edit their information?

    When people sign up (and it’s free), they can submit their information and edit it whenever they like, when and if they change their business, they can delete their current information and add another one.

    But you think that it’s a lot better for free members to not have to join?

  6. Tim Linden says:

    If you are targetting people who submit to directories all the time, then make it ultra easy to do. If they want to edit it later, have the edit page send a confirm link to the email address on file.

    Looking at the compare memberships page it looks like you might not be targetting directory submitters, but the rest of the site looks like a normal directory. If that’s the case, there should be some kind of guidelines or about page that explains what the site is all about, so that way people know it isn’t just a directory to submit to 😉

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