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Simple is beautiful

I still don’t understand why. They told me the reason. But, I’m still questioning every word. I’ve been out walking; surrounded by darkness, now, standing across the street, watching a fake deer.

fake deer


You need this; we know how it’s done. It’ll work. I never heard the words; we¬†promise. If I’d heard it, I would have said no immediately. If it sounds like it’s too good to be true, it usually is. The fake deer is just a fake deer; I’m thinking that it reminds the owner of something complex, but now, so simple and beautiful.

The contract. I remember every word they said. It’s nothing more than a standard contract. I won’t sign now, I said, I need to read it again, and I need to be alone. The two men sitting at my desk, they both nodded, and the guy on the left, said of course. But, we can assure you, it’s nothing more than a standard contract. Yes, I said, but it’s six pages, with lots of words, and I need to read it, before I sign.

I’m sure it’s nothing. But, as the two men left my office, I just couldn’t read the contract. I started looking at the words, and it was all blurry to me. Each letter, representing black lines connecting the dots, forming a large animal on the page. I was looking at something a lot different than a standard contract. Why would they turn something that sounds so good into something so complex? I’ve heard them talk, I’ve listened to the presentation, watching the slides. It all looked good.

Now. Watching the fake deer, thinking about the final stage. The contract. The payment plan. I’m remembering watching them leave. Why couldn’t they, instead, turn something complex into something simple and beautiful?

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