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Sign up for the Live8 list

I just started to watch the Live8 concerts on TV. During the second song by one of my favorite groups U2, I saw a sign that told me to please sign up for the list to help get rid of the poverty in Africa. This is such a great thing and I really hope that everybody will sign up for this.

This is what it´s all about:
50,000 people are dying, needlessly, every day of extreme poverty.
At this year’s G8 summit meeting, it is within your power to put an end to this tragedy. It is an extraordinary opportunity which it would be shameful to ignore. We urge you to take these 3 steps to make extreme poverty history…
double the aid sent to the world’s poorest countries, fully cancel their debts, change the trade laws so that they can build their own future.

2 responses to “Sign up for the Live8 list”

  1. Randy Charles Morin says:

    I can’t see the numbers adding up. If you have a 1% CTR, then you’d need CPCs 100 times higher for your Adsense than for your Adwords (not including Google’s cut).

  2. omnipend says:


    I agree, started to think (finally) and I can`t see the numbers adding up either.

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