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Should you read Teaching Sells by Brian Clark?

I downloaded the free report Teaching Sells a few days ago, yesterday I finished reading it. I didn’t spend that much time to read it, because it was easy to read and it was interesting. I think it took me no more than 30 minutes.

The report Teaching Sells by author Brian Clark is 22 pages long, and the title actually tells a lot about what you can expect when you start to read it. “Teaching Sells: forget everything you know about making money online… and start making some”.

Brian Clark should know what he is talking about, he is the man behind the very successful blog CopyBlogger and from what I have read in this report, he has done a lot of other stuff as well.

What is Teaching Sells about?
The report is about what you should be doing in order to earn money online, without having to rely on traffic from Google and the other search engines. Without you having to attract new people on a daily basis to your blog in order to earn money from affiliate programs or Google AdSense.

I am not going to reveal the contents of the report (because Brian might get a little upset if I do), but as you can read in the title, it`s all about teaching. We all learn, almost every single day. People want to learn, and everybody need to learn new stuff on a regular basis for the rest of our lives. This is what it`s all about. You should become a teacher.

How can you start to teach people what you know and earn money from it?

I think that Brian Clark has an important point. His report tells a short story about why teaching is what most people that are looking to earn an income online should be doing. Earning money from blogging alone is very hard, earning money from promoting affiliate programs is not that easy. So, it might be that we all should start listening to Brian Clark from now on.

I recommend that you download and start reading the report Teaching Sells as soon as you have the time. Brian Clark said something about him launching a business soon, a business where he will teach his members about how to earn money based on the Teaching Sells method. But at the moment, you can only download the report and at the same time register yourself (name and e-mail) for future updates, and I guess you will receive information about when the business will be launching.

I almost forgot, it`s completely free to download the report.

3 responses to “Should you read Teaching Sells by Brian Clark?”

  1. Josh Garner says:

    Personally, I think that there should be a level of disclosure. Maybe a disclaimer page, or a note at the bottom of a post with an aff. link.

    Also, I wouldn’t dare put an aff. link to something I wouldn’t plug to a friend and in person. Just a moral thing. So, if one doesn’t have the same morals, and would push something they don’t believe in, then I could understand (though disagree) with the lack of disclosure.

  2. Josh Garner says:

    On that same note, to quote you directly on your “Fake FeedBuerner” post:

    “I say no. Never lie to your visitors, it will only hurt you and your blog in the end.”

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