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Should you Only do This if you are Rich?

I have been thinking, more than usual this time, about how some professional marketers try to lure people into multi-level marketing schemes or into buying some miracle product. Many use a technique that most people might find hard to resist, its the technique of showing pictures of what they (the professional marketers) have bought with all the money they have earned from their marketing techniques or their products.

On their sales page you will see either pictures or videos of a mansion, a few Italian sport cars and a yacht. You might even find a picture of their incredibly sexy wife (or husband) taking a swim in their huge pool. How did they achieve all this? You know the answer…

Why not show all your visitors what you have achieved?

Will a picture of your house, your car or your boat help you get more sales or visitors? Why not, it`s part of who you are, even though you might not have a mansion or the Italian sport car. By showing your visitors your car or boat, they will get to know you a little better and they might even like you a little better after seeing that you don`t own all that cool stuff.

I guess it`s time to show you my boat 🙂


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