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Should You Only Allow English Comments?

Since I started blogging, about six years ago, I have received many comments and most of them are in English. That’s probably because I write all my posts in English, and I am trying to communicate using the english language. I have actually thought about posting a few posts in Norwegian, but I have not done that, and I think that’s a very smart move on my part.

If I start writing in another language, most of my readers won’t understand what I have written and they might not be coming back if they see posts they don’t understand. But what happens when I get comments in another language than english, should I allow the comments? Today, I have received a comment in Chinese (well, I think it’s Chinese, but it can as well be Japanese or some other language). I have no clue on what it means, and I am not allowing it. That’s because most of my readers won’t understand it, and I don’t understand it. It can be an advertisement for Vlagra for all that I know.

So, should it be a rule that all comments should be in the same language as the post? I am having this rule as of today. I don’t know that many languages, and just can’t publish posts in a language that I don’t understand.

I am not sure how other bloggers do it, but it would be interesting to know.

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