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Should you join Joel Comm and his ScriptDojo?

I am thinking that when a famous person, a marketing guru, releases a new product it has to be great. And when I received information about Joel Comm`s latest product, I hurried over to have a look.

I was a little surprised to see what it actually was, I thought it would be something related to Google AdSense, and maybe a new way to earn money from it. But it was something completely different.

Joel Comm has released something called ScriptDojo, it`s like a membership site, where he (Joel Comm) will be reviewing the best products, ebooks and scripts (well, what he believes to be the best). Everybody (not only members) will have access to his reviews, but the interesting part is that if you are a member of ScriptDojo, you will earn 100% commissions on all your referrals to ScriptDojo.

Let me try to explain it once more. When you refer a person to ScriptDojo, if he or she buys anything on that site after reading one of the great reviews by Joel Comm, you get to keep 100% of the commissions. And think about it, Joel Comm is writing awesome reviews and on top quality products. All you need to do is send traffic to ScriptDojo and he will do the rest.

You will have a cookie there for a full year, so even if the first visit to ScriptDojo from a person you referred won`t result in a sale, he can come back almost a year later and buy something, and you will keep 100% of the commission.

I think this new membership site sounds very interesting. I am not sure how much you can earn from it, well, it all depends on how much traffic you manage to send to it. If you have huge list, then it might be easy, but if you are going to buy ads in order to get any traffic to it, then it might be hard.

Well, it might be something worth testing, the cost is only $0.01 for the first 30 days and you can cancel it anytime you want. I am doing it.

Visit ScriptDojo today, see the video from Joel Comm on how it works and read all about the introduction offer.

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