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Should you join The CB Affiliate Formula?

Sometimes I wonder why it seems that all Internet marketers are sending out their promotions about the same stuff to all their lists at the same time. It seems that they are just waiting, and clicking on send as soon as they get the signal.

Today, it happened again. And this time it was for something called The CB Affiliate Formula. This brand new system was launched by Andrew Fox, and even though I have never heard of him, he is the number 1 affiliate at ClickBank. I just had to take a look at the sales page to see the testimonials, because I can’t believe that I haven’t heard of him before.

And on the sales page there are some great testimonials from well-known marketers like Jeremy Gislason and Michael Cheney. I guess this guy is for real and that his methods do work. Oh, and I especially like the cool cars Andrew Fox have bought from being a top Internet marketer, it always helps to show cool cars.

But what do you get if you sign up for The CB Affiliate Formula?

First of all, this is a membership site. You will become part of a team, and like I am at Blog Mastermind, you will probably learn a lot. And …

You get a lot from this new membership site, and if you are looking for a way to earn money as an affiliate, The CB Affiliate Formula might be the site to join. If you get just half of what Andrew Fox is promising, you are paying a low monthly price.

But what is with that 56 day money back guarantee? Why 56 days and not two months, it would have been interesting to get an answer to that question.

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