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Should You Get “Free” Content With Article Underground?

I am a little sceptical about this, but I am posting it and you will see for yourself and make up your mind based on your own experience. I am not sceptical towards that this is a great product or not, the reason that I am sceptical is that I am for that you should create / write your own content. I think by creating / writing your own content you will continue to get a better writer and you will learn a lot by doing it, not only the writing, but also about Internet marketing.

What is Article Underground, and why should you consider buying it?

With Article Underground you get your hands on tons of great articles written by ghost writers, that is professional writers that write for a living. I haven’t read any of the articles myself, but I bet they are great. Michael Cheeney says that they are great (I received the information from him), and I believe him (he is putting his name behind them, he wouldn’t be doing that if they were not great).

You can get your hands on about 400 articles for 3 full days for $9.95, this is just like a sneak peak. But if you are satisfied with Article Underground, you will have to pay $97 a month for full access. You can do a lot with great articles, and you might get a lot of new links to your site / blog and search engines might index your site higher with interesting keywords and this might get you a lot more traffic. But would you pay $97 a month for it? I am not sure if it´s worth it. Even though it might not sound like a whole lot, you would have to generate more than $100 a month in revenue for it to be worth it, and that sounds like a lot to me.

Who should buy Article Underground?

I am actually not sure who would benefit the most from subscribing to this service. Either people earning money from advertisers on their sites or people using a site / blog to get leads to their main business (maybe a multi-level marketing company). Even if this might be a little expensive and you might not generate enough revenue in the first month or so, you get your hands on some really great content for your site / blog and it might be worth it to invest in a subscription at Article Underground for a couple of months instead of paying for AdWords or other PPC campaigns. Content is still the king, and if the articles you get are as good as Michael Cheeney tells us, well, you might get a lot of visitors from them.

Oh, I almost forgot. When you “buy” the articles (400 new articles a month), you also get your hands on an innovative Traffic System to announce your article URL’s. The owners help you drive traffic to your site (the articles as well).

The creator of Article Underground is Mike Liebner, and I have actually never heard of him before today. So, I can´t say if he is a person to trust or not, but from what I have read on the sales page, it seems to be a reliable program.

But again, I have no idea how good this is or if it´s worth the $97 a month, but if you are interested I am sure that you could spend $9.95 to find out. As I am writing this, there are only 167 memberships available, so you might want to hurry if it sounds interesting.

Visit Article Underground (I am not an affiliate).

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