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Should You Do This To Your List?

I have actually thought about why people write this way to their optin list for a while. What I am talking about is e-mails that starts with RE: why are people writing subjects like that if they know that it´s not a reply? Well, it might be because they are trying to pretend that it´s a reply and then more people will open it, because they think that they have sent the original message themselves. Or it´s something else.

At first I thought that this was e-mails sent by newbies, but it´s not. I have received many from top marketers and today I received a newsletter from Cognigen with the topic Re: Jens: Message from my Heart!! And as you probably know, Cognigen is a big big company.

It would be interesting to know why experienced marketers use topics starting with Re: in their e-mails. I hope it´s not just because of the marketing value and getting more people to open their e-mails.

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