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Should You Buy Google Nemesis?

Not sure if you have noticed, but Chris McNeeny from Day Job Killer and Google Assassin (and other very successful systems) has just launched Google Nemesis. I have already received tons of e-mail promotions about it, even though it just launched.

Should you buy Google Nemesis?

The price is (right now) $67 a month, and it’s all about how to be successful promoting and selling ClickBank products.

From the video on the sales page, it seems that Chris is earning enough money with his systems, and he is saying that he will give you all the secrets. So, why not?

I found a great review video of the Google Nemesis, and even though this is made from a guy who probably made it because he is looking for increased sales, he seems to do a detailed review.

Watch the video, and at the end, the review-guy will tell you about a bonus that you’ll get if you buy Google Nemesis from his affiliate link. It might be worth it if you want the system.

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