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Should You Buy Blog Comments?

You can use a service called CommentHunt to buy blog comments, it’s rather cheap, you only pay $19.99 for 100 comments on quality blogs, or $44.99 for 250 comments and $83.99 for 500 comments.

I am not sure how good the comments that you pay for really are, but they say that has hired a group of experts who efficiently explore a list of blogs from a database program that we have developed for picking out relevant blogs in your niche. Further process involves reading through blog posts and leaving a logical comment that is valid for the blog post they read before. By doing this, their comments are always highly relevant and they won’t get deleted by the blogger/moderator. Therefore your backlink is found permanently there on the targeted blog and provides you more authority and influence in the search engine rankings.

At CommentHunt, We have a team experts who are highly trained in copywriting and effective communication. As a result, they obviously are fluent in spoken English and write blog comments very well. Their comments are always rational and don’t get removed by the blogger or moderator.

I believe that they are experts and that they comments are logical and they might even be perfect, but is this marketing trick really something different than spam?

You are paying a company to leave comments for you, and with a link back to your website. If they use your name, then I would characterize it as illegal, but if they are only using your website address, then it’s probably legal, and according to CommentHunt:

… Buying Blog Comments is 100% ethical and NOT spam! When you buy blog comments from us, we always provide you premium blog comments. Our experts don’t continuously leave silly and spammy stuff like “Good Blog, please visit my site”..’s blog comments are always logically relevant with the blog post that we are commenting on. They purely appear like completely natural comments written by someone just reading the blog post. Even you wont be able to distinguish our blog comments separately form others. In spite of this, most of the bloggers/moderators always love free comments to keep their web content fresh and their community alive.

I am not sure if I think it’s 100% ethical, but maybe. It looks like the experts over at CommentHunt will do research, and will read the posts and publish the comments, and they will provide the comments with the link to your website. So, it’s not that they are really telling the world (blogosphere) that you left the comment, they are just providing a link from the post to your website (at least I think that this is what’s happening).

I haven’t talked to anybody that have been using this marketing technique, so I am not sure if it actually works or not. But what I do know, is that leaving good and relevant comments on blogs do help for your traffic, and $19.95 for 100 quality comments, that sounds cheap to me.

What do you think? Should you be using a service like the one from CommentHunt?

13 responses to “Should You Buy Blog Comments?”

  1. i t’s hard to say. But i think you are saving a lot of time by using a service like comenthunt! I will try it in the next days and will write an artcile on my Website!

  2. Have you tried it yet?

    • Yes i tried it! Its SCAM!!! I got no links…don’t buy links at this service it it is not serios… now i am hoping that paypal will give my money back.

    • i have tried it and i must say that commenthunt is scam!!! i send the money and after that nothing happend. no links… nothing. now i going to get my money back trough paypal!

      to everyone DON’T BUY THESE LINKS!!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you've had this experience. I really hope you'll get your money back.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. has hired a group of experts who efficiently explore a list of blogs from a database program that we have developed for picking out relevant blogs in your niche while the disqus are best to share.

  5. Andrew M says:

    I trust them and will use them again!

  6. Dawn says:

    I have been wondering the same thing and I’ve been thinking that maybe I would give the 100 a try. I will let you know what I think.

  7. Charles Holmes says:

    I have used several different services to “buy blog comments.” Personally, I believe it is a very bad business idea. Instead, you should do it yourself. You don’t want another company to ruin your personal or website’s reputation. I know the bargain basement prices are tempting, but keep your wallet in your pocket, roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.


  8. luck007 says:

    i trust this also your post is useful

  9. Computer guy says:

    It seems like a good idea but is there anyway to know the PR of the sites where they will submit them

    • You might know if you ask them, or maybe you’ll get access to a report when they’re done. I’m not sure.

      I’m not paying for a service like this, mostly because I need my comments to be real and from me, in order to build relationships and trust.

  10. Cassandra Goduti says:

    I find it funny that a service would say that buying blog comments is 100% ethical. Please, they want your money and they will say anything to have it.
    Having lots of comments at the bottom of an article is fine – but sometimes they say nothing. It is not the driver that necessarily gets someone to subscribe to receive your posts. Just because there are no comments on a post does not mean that no one found interest. You don’t know how many posts I found something I liked but I had nothing to say. We don’t have time to comment on everything.

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