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Should You Be Working When Nobody Else Is?

A few weeks during the year, it seems like the whole country is set to pause. Nothing is happening, all the stores are closed, and we’re supposed to be with our families doing nothing but cozy stuff.

This is how it has been (at least in Norway) for centuries, or so it seems.

What if you decided not to do what everybody else was going to do, what if you did what Seth Godin suggested, and…

“What if you and your team went against type? What if you spend the two weeks while your competition (and the forces for the status quo) are snoozing–and turn it into a completed project?”

It would be interesting.

The only problem is that I don’t really know if most people would be that creative or get as much done as if it was a regular week. Because, in the back of their minds, they are thinking about all the people (like their colleagues) spending the next week or two with their families or their friends, doing stuff that they normally can’t do (relaxing).

So, by going agains type, you might actually not get much done or would you?

It might all depend on how much you think of your work as a competition. If you are looking to crush your enemies, and you are just looking for a way to get a head, then this could be a great opportunity. But if you are working for a college (like I am), and 99,9% of my colleagues are on holiday somewhere, and it really doesn’t matter if I am working or not (sad, but true), then I think my mind would probably be somewhere else and not at work.

5 responses to “Should You Be Working When Nobody Else Is?”

  1. Tom Lindstrom says:

    Great post! I have the same problem. People sign up, but many do not confirm their subscriptions.Very frustrating.

    I have been using a spam check tool to analyze the spam rating of my emails.

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Tom

    What kind of spam check tool have you been using? And have you been successful using it?

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