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Should You Be Using Safelists?

There was a time, it seems to be ages ago, that I tried safelists. I was not successful at all, I just received tons of offers and I got no signups at all. Soon I learned how to not receive any offers from the list, at the same time I sent my offers to the list. Even though I didn´t get tons of e-mail offers in return, I still didn´t get any signups using safelist marketing. It could be that I was a lousy copywriter, or that the safelists I was using at the time was no good, or maybe a combination of the two.

What about today, is safelist marketing something you should consider? I am not sure, I have heard that many are successful doing it, and one of the safelists I have heard a lot of nice things about is Business World List with more than 62,000 members. (I am not an affiliate)

I am still not involved with any safelists, but I might be soon. First I have to digg up some more information before I give it another go.

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