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Should You be using Clickriver Pay Per Click Service?

Amazon has just launched their new Clickriver pay per click service. Like everything from Amazon, this is something very interesting. It is a service a lot like Google AdWords, but it will only run on the Amazon stores (at least that’s what I have read).

The reason why Clickriver is so interesting is that:

Rather than just reaching customers when they’re browsing content or surfing through a search engine, Clickriver Ads targets customers with an intent to buy. So your ads will be right in front of people already interested in purchasing.

This text is from the Clickriver frontpage and I totally agree. But who should then be using Clickriver? Should people be advertising their personal blogs or their non-profit sites there? Well, you should probably think about the people who are surfing at Amazon, they are looking to buy a book or a dvd or something else. Their wallets are open, they are usually just looking for the right stuff to buy or they are browsing for the price tag.

Clickriver is a very interesting tool for Internet marketers, especially people involved in affiliate marketing. I am not sure about the rules at Clickriver yet, but you could actually compete with Amazon. If you are selling music, you could have a ppc ad at Clickriver selling a certain cd for a better price than Amazon. Just check the price for that specific cd and then lower the price at your shop and start promoting it with the text “Buy the name of the cd $2 cheaper than at Amazon!” – they will probably not allow this, but it would be interesting.

I am not sure why Amazon is launching this service, to me it sounds like they are starting to compete against themselves. But they are probably going to profit from it, because it seems like that Amazon always knows best.

I can’t wait for the Amazon AdSense alternative…

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