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Should you be more Personal in Your Marketing?

It`s monday, my back is hurting, the darkness has surrounded me and the kids are finally sleeping. I am at my computer for a few minutes, before I have to do some of my evening chores. Not sure if I like mondays better than any other day, but my guess is that I don`t – something tells me that I feel like having sunday all over again. I would like to sleep a little longer, I would want the long and cozy breakfast.

Anyway, tonight I thought I would like to ask a simple question and try to provide my answer to it. People will view this different, and many will probably not agree with me, but maybe you will or maybe you won`t.

Should you be more Personal in Your Marketing?

Will your marketing become better if it`s personal, or should you stick to a rule about never to become to involved with your customers? Because if you become personal in your marketing, you might also become involved with your customers. I am not talking about a relationship other than an online relationship, but you might have to communicate in a whole new way and you might have to communicate a lot more than you are used to. It takes time to build a relationship.

Turning your marketing personal, might bring your marketing to a whole new level.

Internet marketing experts do things different, but what I can see from many of the experienced marketers is that many of them are sending very personal e-mails and they post personal posts at their blogs. Is this just a way to earn more money, or is it part of their personality?

Most of the time I think it`s hard to tell, but I guess you will figure out for yourself if you keep reading what certain people publish, at least if you keep reading it for a few months.

Should you send e-mails to your list telling them that you are going to be a father soon, or that your wife is sick or that you have been on a great vacation? I guess it all depends on what you would like to share, it all depends on how personal you want to be with people you only meet online.

I think it`s very interesting to see what more and more Internet marketing experts are doing, they are becoming really friendly.. they are talking to their list as if they have known them for years, and most of the time they haven`t met at all, and they will never ever meet.

I believe that the more personal you become, the more people will be interested to read what you are writing. You want sympathy and you want people to get to know you, and you want them to trust you. But this will never happen if you are trying to be somebody you are not.

If you are not the personal kind of guy, I think you should stay the way you are.

Most people will see straight through you, even if you are online, and they never actually will get to know the real you. You better believe it, people will want the truth. They will want the real you. You might be able to sell something once or twice if you are using the right words, but if you are not sincere, you will never become successful.

… and it`s always about having a long course of performances

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