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Should I Buy Canon Ixus 970 IS?

I have been looking for a digital camera for a while, and because I haven’t been able to find which camera to buy, I am sort of in a hurry. In just over a week, I am travelling to Greece for a two week vacation. I want a compact (lightweight) digital camera for this trip.

So, what should I be looking for?

There are so many cameras to choose from. It’s always the price (the cheaper the better), image quality should be good, it should be lightweight, it should have a nice design, battery quality should be better than ok, and it should be fairly easy to use.

I have been looking closely at Canon Ixus 970 IS, and this digital camera looks really good. The reviews I have read are also impressive. The price might be a little higher than most other cameras I have been looking at, but it might be worth it?

I am still looking around, and still haven’t decided just yet, but I think that this is my favorite at the moment.

Do you have any other suggestions?

3 responses to “Should I Buy Canon Ixus 970 IS?”

  1. Hilma Massella says:

    I spent a while with this camera from PMA… and was really impressed. Sony had a fantastic demo station set up, that allowed you to find out all the major functions… and all worked well. Of all the a mix of both cameras, this was my favorite. Hilma Massella

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