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Short is not broken

We enjoy short more than ever.

I remember a few years ago; the last time I read a book with more than 700 pages. It was great back then. Now, I need “everything” to be short. I hardly read a blog post with more than 500 words. Most of the books I read are short. I read Seth Godin’s blog, and his books, because they’re short (and brilliant).

I work in batches; I’m using the pomodoro technique to stay focused. I work 25-minute increments, but it might not be short enough. The shorter it is, the more focused I am.

Short breaks are much more interesting than long breaks. The shorter they are, the more we do… we pack everything into a short amount of time.

It’s compact.

It’s explosive.

Short is not broken. Short is more powerful than ever.

5 responses to “Short is not broken”

  1. Ben says:

    Hi Jens,

    I’m with you. However, there is still a place for longer content. The question is how do we get people to read it, if readers are struggling to focus for long enough to consume longer content?

    I think a short post could be used as a taster of some longer content. You dip your toe in the water and see how readers receive your post. If they enjoy it, maybe it’s a topic to develop further.

    I mainly ask about longer content as I mostly write short posts and wonder if I should be writing long, more detailed content (but perhaps as eBooks) to add greater depth to my short content.

    I’m in a period of transition with my blogging. My 3 year blogging blog (QBT) has reached a point where nobody’s really finding it, and I’ve run out of topic ideas. I’ve started over at and will be posting blogging tips there, amongst other content. I naturally write shortish blog posts anyway, whether I’m specifically writing for “Quick” Blog Tips or elsewhere 🙂

    • Hi Ben,

      You’ve got an interesting point, and I believe you’re right. It works great with a brief post when it comes to promoting a longer article or book. This way we get a sample of the long one, and people love samples.

      I do enjoy longer as well, but at the moment, I don’t have the attention span that I used to have. I keep focusing in short increments, and the shorter the time, the more focused I am.

      Thanks for commenting Ben, I better visit your other blog. I’ll see you soon.


  2. Simple and short is powerful Jens. Sure, long posts and books can rock, but if you can make the same point in 200 words, versus 1400, go with 200 to respect our time 😉 Power points dude, thanks for sharing!

  3. Ann07 says:

    You’ve said it right, and I must agree that we enjoy short content more than ever.

    There are many reasons why people are in like reading short blog posts and books, and/or watching short videos. There are also many reasons why marketers and bloggers mostly prefer creating short form online content than long ones.

    I believe that online content comes with different sizes according to its type. But somehow I think, you can still create an epic and valuable content, even it is in the short form.

    Short, valuable posts are, I think, much more shareable than longer posts with a thousand words. As what you’ve said, the shorter the content, the more compact and explosive it is.

    Thanks for this awesome article! 🙂


    By the way, I found this post shared on

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