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Short Review of Windows Live Writer

I have just bought myself a new computer, a Dell Inspiron 530S and this is my first blog post using it. I am very satisfied with the computer, but the fan makes too much noise. I am not sure if I should do some adjustments in the bios or download speedfan or what I should do about it. At the moment, it’s too much noise for me.


A brand new pc, a new start, and why not try a brand new software to write my blog posts as well?

Now, I am testing Windows Live Writer, a free software to publish articles to my blog. I have been using Blogjet for a while, but I have installed it on my laptop, and since I only have 1 license, I will have to uninstall it on my laptop or try and see if Windows Live Writer will do the job just as good.

The reason that I want to use a software like BlogJet or Windows Live Writer to write my blog posts, is because I feel more creative this way. It’s a lot more comfortable to write when I use BlogJet, and now Windows Live Writer.

So far, what do I think about Windows Live Writer?



I was thinking of uploading some screenshots, but why bother, a lot of people have done that already: Paul Stamatiou, InsideMicrosoft, JohnTP and LiveSide.

One of the really cool things about Windows Live Writer is all the various plugins. I have already found a few that I most likely will use:

If you want to watch a video of Windows Live Writer, you should watch this one from YouTube and/or this video.

I am really satisfied with Windows Live Writer, and this won’t be my last post using it. Hopefully everything looks just as good on my blog as it does inside the software.

9 responses to “Short Review of Windows Live Writer”

  1. totala says:

    The new marketing strategies are very helpfull for all marketing and common people thanks for your suggestions

  2. Jens says:

    Thanks. I have been looking at salespage makeovers a while ago. What do you think about it, have you been using it long?

    Thanks. You will see many new marketing strategies, keep visiting my blog. I actually posted another one yesterday.

  3. Ronald Withrow says:

    I’ve used the “classic” angle, stressing its continued effectiveness. Oldie but a goodie kinda deal. Mostly as an enticement for the backend. BTW, I loved the “mystery expert” line! I’ve seen it used elsewhere, along with the “riddle” angle.

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