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A short review of my trip to Valencia in Spain

I have just arrived home after four days in the city of Valencia in Spain. It was an awesome trip, everything was perfect, well, almost everything. My wallet was stolen after about 30 minutes. It happened while I was on the metro (subway) heading from the airport towards the hotel. It took a few seconds, and I didn’t even notice it, before just after it had happened. The metro was really crowded, and I noticed one guy that was standing really close to me, it had to have been him (I can’t remember his face, he was wearing a blue hat and sunglasses, that’s really all I remember). When I got off at the stop, I noticed that my bag was open, and my wallet was gone.

That was my first impression of Valencia, I didn’t see any of the palm trees, I didn’t see any of the incredible architecture, I just saw the open bag and that my wallet was missing.

Other than that, the trip to Valencia was extraordinary.

The weather was perfect, it was apx. 24 degrees Celsius. I was wearing a t-shirt and a short every single day and every single night.

The scenery was beautiful. The architecture was incredible, the beach was awesome, the people are very very friendly (even though it was difficult to communicate using English, I ended up using sign language and some Spanish words).

There are a lot of nice shops in Valencia, I ended up in a few, but mostly I stayed outside while my wife did the shopping

I am almost finished, I just have to mention the food, because the food was more than perfect. I was in heaven; not because the food in general is perfect in Valencia. But because I found La Lluna during the first day of our visit.

La Lluna is a vegetarian restaurant, and for me, it was like a trip to heaven. I have never tasted food like this before, everything I tried was just marvelous. It’s the best food I have ever tasted (I am a vegetarian, but my wife is not). My wife tried the lasagna, and she said it was the best lasagna she has ever tasted. I tasted it as well, and it was the best ever.

If you ever go to Valencia, you should definitely try La Lluna, try it even if you are not a vegetarian. It’s hard to find this restaurant, but I promise you that you will not regret it. We ended up walking for about an hour, just to find this restaurant. And I will probably never forget our visits and the food.

In sum, it was a perfect holiday and it won’t be the last time we’ll be visiting Valencia. It’s just perfect.

3 responses to “A short review of my trip to Valencia in Spain”

  1. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Wow your lucky to go in this country jens, because I’m planning to go in that place for vacation with my family, because my friend told me in Spain was really nice place for vacation,, is that true jens?

    • Spain was awesome. I have only been to Valencia once, and I highly recommend it. I have been to Madrid as well, and that was a very nice city too. I guess it all depends on what you’re looking for when you go on a holiday 🙂

      • Joseph Hipolito says:

        That’s great jens. I will go all of the place you said in here so I can see experience the enjoyment in that country…

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