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She turns me on

I’ve been walking through the woods to get to the public library. It took me 30 minutes.

the path inside the woods

I am finally there, relaxing in a comfy chair, writing and watching kids run from the corner of the room to the chair where I am sitting and back, again and again. I can see two moms watching them and smiling at me. I’m not smiling. They’re not sure if I’m cranky or just focused. I’m wearing a baseball hat, and I have a beard. I haven’t been showering for days, and I feel that if I turn my face into a smile, they’ll just see me as a lone nut. It’s hard to smile like I used to when I’ve been living in the woods for this long.

baseball hat

I keep staring at the computer screen.

The kids are having some sort of competition. They’re running faster and faster, and the librarian is talking louder and louder in an attempt to make them go away. I have been to the library many times before and she doesn’t like conflicts. She talks loud to avoid them. And then another girl joins the running competition. You. No. You, the new girl says as she’s running past me.

I am writing an article about the importance of writing everywhere. I keep staring at the screen, until…

A woman with long black, sort of curly hair, sits down next to me. The first thing I notice is the smell. Her fragrance reminds me of something beautiful. I have no idea what. It’s just so… breathtaking. I want to say it’s like the summer, or the beach, or heaven, but nothing comes to mind, I haven’t smelled anything like it. And then I begin to think about the man sitting next to her. Me. I am looking at her, and her tan skin, and I’m thinking that I haven’t showered for days.

She smiles at me as she opens up a tiny designer handbag. I can’t stop looking. I know the kids are still running from the end of the room to where we are sitting, but all I see is her, and her long tan fingers holding an iPad. She opens it up and attaches a thin keyboard to it.

I’m looking at her, and the way she’s typing on her iPad. And I’m thinking that I want what she’s got, and that adding this keyboard to my iPad will help me become a better writer. It looks so, so, perfect. She writes for fifteen minutes, and that’s it. She puts her iPad with that tiny keyboard back into her designer handbag, and I get a short glimpse of the logo, it says Logitech. She smiles as she leaves, and that’s it.

She turned me on to Logitech and their Ultrathin Keyboard cover:

That’s my next investment.

24 responses to “She turns me on”

  1. Bill Dorman says:

    A San Fran hat at that; I guess that’s ok, Buster Posey is their catcher and he went to the same college I went to. Who? Buster Posey, their catcher. What? You don’t follow American baseball? Oh……..

    At least she was cordial to you; that look around here means men w/out jobs….homeless…. living in a tent…….oh wait, that is what you are doing…….:).

    I’ve got my fingers crossed, but I think we are getting new gear at Lanier Upshaw and I just might be able to get something slick like that. Only time will tell……

    • Hey Bill,

      I have actually no idea why I have a San Fran hat. It might be my dads, because I don’t remember buying it. The only baseball player I remember is Babe Ruth 🙂

      I bet you’ll be getting an iPad soon. Keep my posted.

  2. Radu says:

    I’m glad that i find more and more people that like nature. I live on the seaside but there are some small forests nearby and every time i have the chance i escape for few hours.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Cool new tech! I just don’t understand how a tiny designer handbag can hold an iPad. I don’t buy an handbag unless it will hold my iPad because I like to take it with me wherever I go.

    I look forward to your impressions of the keyboard, Jens!

    (By the way, your writing is captivating.)

    • It’s probably not a tiny designer handbag for a woman, but for me it looked tiny and designer (I guess I’m just comparing it to the handbags I have seen my wife using) 🙂

      I have tried to buy it today, but it seems that I have to order it. I’ll let you know as soon as I get it.

      Thanks a lot for your kind words 🙂

  4. Hajra says:

    It does look very attractive…

    I wonder why she didn’t creep out when you were staring at her for so long. Your sure it was 15 minutes, or maybe time stood still because you were so busy staring! 😉

    And maybe that is the reason why she ran away! 🙂

  5. Adrienne says:

    I hope your wife didn’t go to the library with you Jens, she might not have been so happy since you were enthralled with this women sitting next to you. 🙂

    If I had an iPad I would definitely need that keyboard. I don’t do well with these flat ones although that one is as well. I just am so old school that it’s hard to get use to these new inventions they keep coming out with. Oh well, really cool keyboard though.

    • I keep my wife away from the library, it’s my time alone 😉

      I love writing on the iPad, the only reason I need a keyboard is that I am way too slow without one and after a while it hurts my hand if I don’t use a regular keyboard. I guess I am too used to write using a keyboard. But that’s the way I like it, and that’s the way I need it to be (but it was expensive) 🙂

  6. Sue Price says:

    Oh Jens that looks so cool! I am still to get an iPad but I am like Adrienne and like a keyboard. I currently use a Logitech keyboard with my laptop.
    I love your story telling in this post Jens.



  7. Ruth Zive says:

    Hah…Jens…you see!?! I knew that you had a preoccupation with designer handbags! Another thing we have in common! I don’t use an ipad because the notion of not having a keyboard drives me nuts! So this could be a solution for me. But I’m addicted to my MacBook – and I’ve even bought designer handbags SIMPLY to accommodate my MacBook.

  8. Nice writing. I felt like I was reading a novel and I was visualizing it all as I was reading. You should write a novel.

    Thanks for this 🙂

  9. Carol Lynn says:

    Ha! Nice bait and switch. This cracked me up. Actually, I was reading the part about the girl like….. yeah yeah yeah ok, beautiful, nice, cool, whatever… and then you said keyboard and I perked right up, lol. All I could think was how could that would be to grab and go sit in a cafe and do some writing! Nice job 🙂

  10. Jack says:

    Count me in as one of the people that wants to have a keyboard. I like being able to type with one, after all these years I have gotten pretty fast.

    But a SF Giants hat, no good my friend. The Dodgers, as the Los Angeles Dodgers is where it is at. The Giants are our big rival.

    • That’s the same with me Jack. It’s hard to type without a real keyboard. And I’ve finally found a store that sells the Logitech keyboard. Hopefully I’ll get it in a few days.

      I need to find a Los Angeles Dodgers hat 🙂

  11. Sandy says:

    Wow! this keyboard is amazing! I think I’ll get one, too. I love my iPad, it’s always with me, but writing a post from it, that’s really slow. I think my problem is solved! 🙂

    • Hi Sandy,

      I haven’t tried it yet. It was more difficult than I thought to actually buy it here in Norway. But I have just found the store and I’ll buy it within a few days 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment. And let me know if you buy it before I do 🙂

  12. Harris says:

    Pretty sleek looking keyboard. I think i’d be reaching for my mouse every other second out of habit (looking like a fool).

  13. Steve says:

    I promised myself to buy a new gadget next year and that will be a new laptop again but of course a smaller one so I can bring it anywhere without bringing like 2 kilos on my back every time i have it with me.

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