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Share Your Marketing Stories At PlugIM

Today I discovered another community like Digg. There are so many out there, but I have only tried a few. Not sure if I should just find a couple that I should stay with or if I should spend my time trying to use most of them. Anyway, the reason that I am testing this new community (not sure how new it is, but it´s new to me) is that PlugIM is an Internet marketing community.

The problem with the others, like Digg and Reddit, is that people share all sorts of stories. It´s a little hard to find stories that you enjoy. But at PlugIM all stories are related to Internet marketing. It sounds interesting and it looks amazing, hopefully my experience with PlugIM will be everything that I am hoping for.

PlugIM is free to join and use. I haven´t read all the information that I should read yet, I am not really sure but it seems that all members can earn money from PlugIM. The reason I think that we can, is that I had to (well, I didn´t have to, but I did do it) fill out my paypal address and I could also have filled in information about my AdSense account (I am still banned by Google AdSense, so no information from me there). I guess this means that you could earn money from PlugIM, it would be interesting to hear if anybody have received any yet… well, I am not sure when PlugIM was launched, it could be a little early for any paychecks just yet.

As soon as I created my account I downloaded the PlugIM Votebox plugin for WordPress. Now, every post I publish will have a big fat zero and plugs just below 🙂 Well, at least in the beginning. I am not sure how this works, but it seems that you would have to be a member at PlugIM to cast your vote, or maybe not?

I am going to test it for a while and see what happens, but as far as I can see PlugIM might be a great way to get more traffic, and it will be targeted traffic. And you can use PlugIM to surf for more information related to Internet marketing. I have already found some really interesting stories, just click on “top stories”.

Now, it´s only for me to give you the url and hopefully you will become a member and start using it as well.


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