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Why Seth Godin’s Blog is Still My Favorite

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I have written about how I read blog posts. And, I really enjoy reading blogs. I am still reading many every single day, even though I’m more focused than ever on my business and getting things done.

I have a daily routine. I am reading blogs in my RSS reader every morning. That’s part of my morning routine and it’s part of how I learn.

I have many favorite blogs, and I continue to read them on a weekly basis. But, there’s one blog that I want to talk about today, and that blog is by far my number one. It’s not because I have a personal relationship with the author, and it’s not necessary because the content is the best of the web.

Seth Godin is one if my favorite authors of marketing books. I especially recommend his books The Purple Cow and All Marketers Are Liars. His blog is the only blog I read every single day.

5 reasons why his blog is still my favorite

I don’t remember exactly when I started reading Seth Godin’s blog, but I know that it’s been at least four years.

There are at least five reasons why his blog is my favorite.

1. Daily updates

I am reading blogs every single day, and since I keep reading Seth Godin’s on a daily basis, I get connected to his content. It feels that a day without Seth is a day not worth experiencing. I know that it sounds weird, but I’m so used to reading his thoughts and ideas now that I can’t imagine what a day without his words would be like.

2. Short posts

I enjoy reading long posts, but I discover that I often just skim posts that are 500 words or more. It doesn’t happen all the time, it all depends. Seth Godin’s posts are usually short, and that makes me read every single word. And I know what to expect when I open his posts.

3. Value

It goes without saying that the value of Seth Godin’s blog posts are fantastic. But, what I especially enjoy is that he is defining the rules of the market, and his blog is usually the place where I read about the new ideas in marketing.

4. Different and unique

His voice is unique and I feel, even though his posts are mostly short, that I’m reading one of his books. He is always telling a story, and his words, no matter how few, are different than what I am used to reading. I am not sure why, but I get a feeling that he spends hours on each post. On the other hand. It might be minutes, because he might be that brilliant.

5. Humor

The reason I am reading blog posts every single day, is because I enjoy learning. But, it’s more than just an urge for more knowledge. I am also looking for a little excitement and to be entertained. Seth Godin has a way with words, and he is adding humor in a way I don’t see in other blogs. By adding humor, he is actually helping me to learn more.

What blog is your favorite?

I know that I could have mentioned a lot of blogs here, and the list would have been long, because there are so many awesome blogs. But, I decided to focus on the one that really gets me going in the morning.

What about you, if you can only mention one, what blog is your favorite blog?

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