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A SEO Company You Can Trust

I’ve been thinking of contacting a SEO company for a while, especially after all that happened to my blog. You might remember that I experienced the heaven and hell of blogging, everything happened to me during the first week of December.

In other words, all my meta tags, keywords, descriptions, everything I had done to my WordPress blog when it comes to SEO was lost in December (I was lucky, my content is still the same and the backlinks are still there).

It’s January and I’m learning Drupal. It’s very different from WordPress, but I’m getting the hang of it, at least I think I am. I find it interesting and fairly easy to customize.

I have been downloading several SEO modules for drupal lately, and I have been spending some time configuring them. The SEO related modules I’ve installed are:

But I have realized that it doesn’t really matter how many SEO related modules I find, because I know too little about SEO in general. Therefore, lately, I have received consultation from Trafficke. Trafficke is a company dedicated to promotion and search engine optimization (SEO).

They did an hour consultation with me the other day, and I must say that their service is plain awesome. I received a lot of powerful tips. Not only did he tell me a lot of stuff that I need to do, he also did implement several things for me.

What impressed me the most is that he explained things to me, instead of just do what needed to be done. I want to learn SEO, I have wanted to for a long time, hence I was thrilled when he explained everything in details.

From now on, I will use Trafficke Website Solutions whenever I have SEO related projects. They offer not only a superb service, but their prices are fairly cheap as well.

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