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The Secret One Word – But Why Use It?

Recently I have seen a simple technique that many professional online marketers use in order to get people´s attention or maybe to prevent their e-mails to get caught in spam filters. I thought that it would be interesting to share this information with you. I am not sure if it works, but it have to be a reason why many are doing it.

What I am talking about is spelling one word different. One word is all that it takes, and the word is Free. I think that the most important reason why so many spell “free” not the way it should be spelled, is that many spam filters will stop your e-mail if you use that word. It´s almost as if you wrote Vlagra in the subject line. Most people involved in online marketing and network marketing really like the word “free”. When they see an opportunity that is free, most people will probably join, just because it´s free. Free is a very important word to use, so in order to include the word and be sure not to be stopped by the spam filters many creative people have come up with other ways to spell it and ways that people will read the word as it was meant to be read.

I am telling you that this way of spelling free is the way that I have seen most professional marketers spell it. But you can probably find even more creative ways to do it. I am more interested in if it actually works, will it get past spam filters and will it grab your attention?

The secret spelling of the word free is this: F.ree

It might look kind of silly, but it seems to be a powerful word and a powerful “technique”.

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