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Search Engine Traffic or Daily Visitors, Which Is Better?

Today I found an interesting topic at a fellow blog called Workboxers. The article focuses on which traffic is better, from search engines or your daily visitors.

Do you focus on viewers that will come to your site from search engine results or do you focus on your readership that has helped you grow from day one? The easy answer is both, but money-wise there are two completely different approaches to take with each.

The article has different views, and there are no single answer to which is better. For example people coming to your site from a search engine are readers that go to a site with an intention to either find information or buy something. Maybe or maybe not, they are at least looking for something that’s why they ended up at your site in the first place. If this is the case, it will take a while to get good listings at the search engines (or hard cash).

Write good articles and provide good content for your readers will eventually get you a higher ranking with the search engines. When people are coming back to your site, your page views will be at a consistent level. This is something the search engines are looking for when they rank your site, and if your content is good and you have some loyal readers, they might even be linking to your site. This is of course really good when it comes to ranking.

Loyal readers are good, they might not be clicking your adsense that often, but they might join your new services or buy your new products. This is because a lot selling is based on trust. If people have been reading your articles for a while and you have gained their trust, they will think that what you are telling them next is the truth and a great opportunity.

In my opinion, what is important is to get daily visitors by providing them with good content, and this will in the long run help you both to climb the search engine ranking and with loyal readers who will become future customers.

Workboxers ends their article like this:

…it really depends on how you wish to make your money. The best route is to aim for both types of readership since there is no reason to close the doors on more money.

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