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Search Big Daddy PPC

I first heard of this search engine yesterday. One of my fellow marketers told me that he had used this with great success and that it was a lot cheaper than Google Adwords. He also told me that he received $50 in free advertising when he signed up. I haven`t tried it yet, but according to him there are some really good keywords available and they are cheap.

I tried the search engine and I saw the result of the PPC. It seems to me that you get one keyword each, and that your site is displayed on the top like in an iframe. It didn`t look that good, and I doubt that many will be browsing through your site this way. But I can be wrong.

Take a look at SearchBigDaddy and tell me what you think.

One response to “Search Big Daddy PPC”

  1. Dustin says:

    Well looks like Big Daddy has gone the way of the dodo. Guess you were right after all!

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