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Schedule Everything

I should probably have named this blog post, pre-schedule everything, but I think you get my point by reading it.

It seem like I’ve been curious about time management for a very long time, I’ve even written about time management when you have kids – not just that I want to get things done in the shortest amount of time, it’s more that I want to stay focused, because when I’m focused the quality of what I’m doing is a lot higher.

I’m not just talking about work or blogging, but spending time with my kids or making dinner. When I’m focused on one task, like making dinner, the quality of the dinner is usually a lot higher than when I’m working, playing with my kids and trying to make dinner at the same time.

When I talk about scheduling, I’m talking about doing things in advance, not just setting up a schedule about when to do it. I’m talking about doing it when you’re focused and when what you’re doing will get the highest possible quality and at a time when you’re going to have most fun doing it.


It’s easy to schedule blog posts. I always try to write two or three blog posts when I write, sometimes four or five. I’m using an editorial calendar, a plugin for wordpress. It makes scheduling even easier.


I’m using HootSuite and I’m scheduling my tweets for the same day, usually for the next 24 hours. Sometimes I add many, close to 20, other times I just add a few. It all depends, if I have something valuable to share.


I used to write articles and I used to publish them to some of the major article directories, but that’s a while ago. When I did write, I always wrote 2 – 3 articles at a time. This way I had enough articles for one week, and when I wrote them I didn’t spend more than a couple of hours. That’s because I continued writing new articles as soon as I was finished with one. But, I didn’t automate the publishing.

It doesn’t have to be automated

Usually when people talk about scheduling, they talk about automated stuff. When I schedule my blog posts, they’ll publish on a specific date and time, it’s automated. When I write my tweets, it will be published on a specific date and time, it’s automated.

It doesn’t have to be automated. Blogging and tweeting is different, not all tasks can be automated.

If it can’t be automated, make sure you schedule it using a system. You can use a pen and a paper, just add the tasks, and the date and time. What’s important is that you do it when you’re ready and feel like doing it, and if you’re like me, you do it in batches (it saves you a lot of time and the quality is higher).

Always Schedule

If it’s possible to schedule, do it. Write when you want to write, not when you need to. The quality of everything you do, no matter what it is, will be a lot better if you schedule.

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  1. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Make some schedule with you social media was really great because you can adjust your time..

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