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S.W.A.T. Traffic – New Traffic Exchange

This new traffic exchange took me really by surprise. I have been following the traffic exchange industry for awhile, and I have joined the major programs (or at least the ones I think are the best and provides the best results). One of the programs that I really enjoy using (as an upgraded member) is I Love Hits. This traffic exchange has been providing me with pretty good results and the owner Jon Olson is more or less the perfect owner of a traffic exchange.

He is professional, he spends time to develop it and he spends a lot of time taking care of his members. He listens to what they say and he interacts with them. I have asked him a lot of questions, and it usually takes less than an hour before he has answered them.

So, when S.W.A.T. Traffic was launched without me even noticing, I was a little stunned. Because the owner of this traffic exchange is none other than Jon Olsen (the owner of I Love Hits). And you guessed it, I joined a few seconds after I received the information. Not only that, I upgraded on the special offer (one time offer) of $9.97 a month instead of paying the 14.97 a month. I actually didn’t see what the upgrade was all about, I just did it without even thinking. Well, I probably thought something like, “I am saving $5 a month here, it’s brand new and the owner is Jon Olson. What can go wrong?”

Well, so for nothing has been wrong and this traffic exchange has been everything I was hoping it was going to be. It’s a lot like I Love Hits, based on the same script (not sure if there are some customization that I haven’t seen so far). The graphics/design is great and the icons we have to click on the surfing bare are really nice, probably the best I have seen on a traffic exchange.

The only thing that I am not really sure about so far (I have only been a member for 24 hours) is why should we upgrade to captain (that’s the paid membership)? Well, I did it just as a reflex. I have just been reading the information on the site to see what I am getting as a paid member, and this is what it says on the FAQ page:

What is the Captain Upgrade? This is your secret weapon in your traffic exchange advertising. As an upgraded member of S.W.A.T. Traffic, you not only get some of the best bonuses around for your web sites but you also get access to our private password protected live conference and seminar room. Each and every week, S.W.A.T. Traffic upgraded members can attend the live seminar and learn detailed steps and strategies to get the most from your time in the program.

So, there’s no extra credits for surfing as a paid member? or there’s no extra credits every single month, no extra credits for referring new members? I am not really sure about it, and I don’t think that the FAQ page tells me a whole lot about what the upgrade was all about. Even though I am not sure, I am going to be with S.W.A.T. traffic for several months, just because I am one of those people who thinks that this will be a big hit in the world of online marketing.

I almost forgot, but this is like most traffic exhanges, it offers a free and a paid option. You can use this completely free to grab visitors to your sites.

Click here to visit S.W.A.T Traffic

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