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Rules for responding to comments

I have been reading a great book about blog marketing, it´s actually called Blog Marketing and the author is Jeremy Wright. If you haven´t read it yourself yet, I recommend that you do so. Well, there are many great things about this book that I probably should write about, and eventually I might, but today I thought I write a short post about the three rules of responding to comments on your blog.

I have never thought of it as rules, I have just been responding to comments when I felt the need to do so. But when I read about the three rules, they all sound simple enough and reasonable. The blog marketing book is about businesses using blogs, and not about a personal diary or something. But even so, the three rules might apply to all sorts of blogs.

Three cardinal rules for responding to comments:

When someone leaves a comment on your blog, you should respond as quickly as possible. This is first and foremost so the comment´s importance has not diminished. In the blog marketing book it says that a timeframe of 24 hours is good enough, but as soon as possible and the sooner the better.

You should respond in a human and personal voice and not as an automatic reply. This way, your visitor might be coming back to you and keep on commenting. Nobody likes automatic replies, even though their comment might have been answered several times before.

Follow-up with comments to ensure that everything is in order. I try to comment, even though I don´t really have to do so all the time. I think that it´s important to comment on the comments, if you understand me, this way the visitors and I will have sort of a conversation from my posts. We stop when everything regarding the post has been said.

…well, something like that 🙂

2 responses to “Rules for responding to comments”

  1. Dawud Miracle says:

    Pretty interesting widget. I’m going to play with it on my private, developer’s blog for a while. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Ashish C. says:

    The widget is awesome. I have tested it and its really cool. It helps you distribute information right from your own page instead of directing visitors to other locations. Pity WP doesn’t allow it…. 🙂

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