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Ross Goldberg`s Recovery Firesale

You might find this firesale interesting, if you do, you should act fast. Tomorrow, the price will be a lot higher. I am talking about Ross Goldberg`s Recovery Firesale. On his site, he states that

“Health-related expenses can devastate you… I know because it`s happening now to the ones I love. That`s why I am holding this one-time-only firesale – and practically giving away almost all of my products for next to nothing!”

I sort of feel obligated to buy this because of the statement above, and the products he is offering seems to be very interesting. Now, check out his headline:

“Discover How A 2 & 1/2 Year Old Son Of A Disabled Iraq Veteran Stumbled Onto The Simple Secrets Behind
Driving Tons Of Laser Targeted Traffic At Little Or No Cost!”

Take a look at the firesale for yourself and see if you are interested. I have to think about it a few more hours before I decide what to do.

6 responses to “Ross Goldberg`s Recovery Firesale”

  1. Alan says:

    Traffic Oasis seems like a powerful marketing, but are they really deliver their promise?

  2. Jens says:


    I am not sure if they deliver what they promise. It´s hard to get an unbiased review, most people I have talked to are affiliates trying to earn money from it.

  3. Mark says:

    I used traffic oasis when they launched up to 2005. I had earned quite a bit of money with them and their leads where very responsive. I wish I could find leads like that today! The reason I don’t use them anymore is because they kinda fell off the face of the internet, there site is up but it doesn’t seem to be active. Before when I had questions, I got answers from them right away and they also held conference calls all the time. In 2005 everything just stopped, like they where never there? Not sure what happened to them but they where great.

  4. Jens says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the information. I almost tried them once, and based on your information I am glad I didn´t.

    Their site seems to be active, but I am not sure how many members they have or what kind of service they get.

  5. Gordon Milton says:

    Okay folks, I am a Traffic Oasis Member.

    A long time ago, a friend of mine who is a seven figure earner in MLM told me that the back-bone to his success is buying leads. He strongly recommends buying leads, to his downline.

    I am building Traffic Oasis by buying their monthly “300 lead” package.

    I have set up 2 of the three autoresponders with the professionally written emails that Traffic Oasis supplies – that took less than thirty minutes when I first upgraded.

    Now, when my monthly allocation of leads arrives, I spend thirty seconds logging into my back office, then into my first autoresponder, where I click on a link to load my leads into that autoresponder. That’s it.

    Most of the leads do nothing. So what’s new!!! But every so often, one joins and upgrades. I then send them an email explaining how they should set up their autoresponders, and what to expect as far as earnings are concerned.

    It takes a while but it works. It is providing many people with a good income and some are earning massively.

    The advantage, as I see it, is that Traffic Oasis provides as good leads as I can generate myself and for less cost. That’s the same for my downline which means nobody needs to be good at marketing.

    Hope this helps,


  6. Edward Villamar says:

    I would have to say that since joining Traffic Oasis, I have enjoyed the most success promoting my three other affiliate internet businesses. And as someone said in one of the comments, it does take time to get those leads to join your programs. The autoresponder is great because here is where I promote my three affiliate programs. Of course you will receive some phone calls regarding your affiliate programs. I have some that join Traffic Oasis so I have two ways of generating income.

    As far as their support and monthly payment, it is one of the best. I get my check after the fifteenth of every month and I get a reply from their support system within a few days.

    Now the only thing is that there has been no knew updates as far as training or marketing tools.

    I have to be honest but 2 out of 3 isn’t bad when you join Traffic Oasis.


    Edward Villamar

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