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Ron Paul and the Marketing Campaign

A few days ago I published the story about Jonathan Bostrom’s latest e-book, Presidential Marketing: 6 invaluable marketing lessons from a 2008 presidential candidate.

Today, I finally had the time to read it. It was a short e-book, only 22 pages, but it took me several days to get started. This was not Jonathan’s fault, and had nothing to do with my lack of knowledge regarding who Ron Paul is, because this was an interesting e-book.

It tells the story about how one little known presidential candidate can create a huge marketing campaign with little effort. Jonathan describes why he thinks that this was possible, and how Ron Paul was able to get nearly $20 million in fundraising. Fundraising that was not part of his official marketing strategy. He describes the Money Bomb event of November 5th, a fundraising event with 36,672 unique donors.

Jonathan tells us the story about a man that has really been unlike any other candidate to ever run for the presidency of the United States.

His campaigns have been at many web 2.0 sites, like YouTube, Facebook and Meetup. It’s been on cars, on an airship (The Blimp) in music and many gatherings.

The really interesting part is that Ron Paul and his marketers are not the people behind this. They are letting the supporters raise the money and generate the excitement.

Let Jonathan Bostrom take you on a journey into Ron Paul’s viral marketing campaign to become the next President of the United States of America.

Read his thoughts and download his free e-book (you don’t have to sign up or anything): Presidential Marketing.

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