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Rockstartup: How To Launch Your Business

I feel a little lost and out of touch with reality at the moment, the reason is simple. The past week I haven´t been updated on what has been happening online, or at least so it seems. I have to blame christmas and all the shopping and preparation, especially the baking for this. Finally, yesterday I did some clicking over at technorati and I found something interesting. It seems that I am the only one that had missed hearing about this new online phenomenon (it seems to be a big buzz about it at the moment).

I am talking about RockStartup – the reality show. The show is about how PayPerPost, the new and very interesting company are promoting themselves. With this reality show you can follow the employees on their hunt for new “members” and how they are creating the buzz.

I have only watched one episode so far, too early for me to tell if it´s worth watching. But I know this, they know for sure how to launch a new business. My guess is that the show is worth every penny (it´s free).

… but what is PayPerPost?

To my knowledge, and I haven´t really had the time (because of christmas preparations) to check out the information about them, they are a company like Text Link Ads (AdBrite and others). Where you can advertise on blogs and bloggers can get paid to blog (or something like that).

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